Saturday, July 19, 2014

Texas Pride and State Flags

Texas has a pride like no other state in America, I believe. People say, "We used to be our own country, you know."

Here anytime there is a US flag there will be a Texas flag also. And other times there is only the Texas flag.

The state shape is seen everywhere.

There are a lot of businesses who put "Lone Star" in their name.

The thing about this pride is it boosts up the state but it does not at the same time, tear down any other state. From my perspective they are sharing their love and pride of this state and they think it's the best but they are not necessarily saying the other 49 suck. They just are not as awesome, and this can be defined by each person differently.

Yankees and New Yorkers have said to me, "Ugh! Texas! What a pity you had to move there!" The Texans never say things like that about other states, they just say, "We love it here and we hope we never have to leave!"

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