Monday, March 11, 2013

Article Link: Stop Telling Students Said is Dead

Article: Stop Telling Students Said is Dead: They Shouldn't Be Using Anything Else
by: Erik Deckers

Hear, hear!

From the article:

"This is what annoys me about our educational system. We have people who don’t write teaching people how to write. We make science teachers have a background in science, history teachers have a history degree. And yes, I know English teachers have an English degree, but they’re usually readers not writers. Or they’re not very good writers, otherwise they wouldn’t be telling students to use “enthused,” “squealed,” “chortled,” and “shrieked,” instead of “said” and “asked.”

That’s not good writing. That shows you have a thesaurus, and it’s actually very distracting. The whole point of dialog is to relay a conversation, not show how clever the author is. I want to hear the people speaking, I don’t want to see how many different emotion words the author knows."

Not to mention that most writing a person will do in their real lives will be completely free of dialogue. Most adults never write fiction stories, which leads to the issue that schools today overly focus on creative writing and do not do enough nonfiction writing.

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