Monday, February 25, 2013

Younger Son Started a Blog, Then Got Writer's Block

Here's the twelve year old son's blog. He said he wanted to write for a career since he thinks he is good at it. I said how about starting a blog now? Five mintues later he announced the first blog post was up, which meant the blog name was decided upon. He also made the blogger account by himself without asking me a single question on how to do that.

I'm proud that my kids can figure things out on their own.

I am not forcing my son to blog, so if he tapers off, that's okay. He is working on other creative pursuits which I'll share on another day.

The Mind of Little John

Note: No, my husband's name is not John. This is a nickname the teens on the rowing team have given him. The team has two older Johns: a senior and a junior, and my son is the youngest kid there, he's in seventh grade.

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Ahermitt said...

His thoughts are deep and his grammar is pretty good too. Plenty to be proud about.