Thursday, February 14, 2013

Son's Online Addiction

I punished my younger son (12.5 years old) off his laptop and xBox360 for a month. I had it with his sneaking online to play games or to chat about games and do his administator (unpaid) job (!!!) on a chat forum instead of doing his schoolwork. He would do this when I was even two feet away from him. I could make a long story out of his situation, but choose not to, not today at least. He flipped out when he found out and said he would lose his administrator job if he was absent for more than a couple of days and if he missed the mandatory weekly staff meeting.


I suggested he tell the powers that be that he is punished, and why, and see what they say. Some in the group are in their 20s, 30, and 40s (!!!). He had a chat with the big boss of the chat board and he was told that schoolwork is the top priority and that they would hold a position for him when he came back. Thank goodness someone had their head screwed on straight.

Immediately (not surprisingly) his schoolwork began actually being completed. Hooray! He said he was so bored he was happy to have schoolwork to keep him busy. Hysterical.

We have not battled about this at all. I'm so happy about that.

A few days into the ban he began to teach himself to use Photoshop Elements software to digitally alter images, add text, and make digital art. This has morphed into nearly an obsession. I have no problem at all with obsessions and passions that center around creating new content not just being a passive user or consumer of media. For the first time he experienced a flow state of creativity. I was elated. He is having a blast.

He has another week to go on his punishment. My hope is that he will have lost interest in the chat forum and will have a new habit of doing his schoolwork during the day and using the evening to play around on the internet.

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Jennifer said...

The Internet can really take over our lives if we are not careful. I applaud you for standing your ground and him for finding better ways fill his time.