Monday, February 18, 2013


The score my son got on his two chapter chemistry test (at the homeschool co-op) after one hour per chapter review and clarifying the concepts with a tutor and a half hour flash card online site review for each chapter. That is a full ten points higher than the "smartest" kid in the class (as my son said).

From a 70 to a 60 to a 94 after a change to use a tutor and to actually study.


My son's confidence is soaring. He is starting to get it that he needs to study and that the work is do-able.

He has completed 23 weeks in the class and has 11 weeks to go until the course ends.

I am so grateful and happy that my son's confidence is rising. I never questioned his ability to master the content if he actually tried and made a concerted effort to understand and to memorize.

Quarter 1 grade: 78
Quarter 2 grade: 83
Semester 1 grade: 81


I have not overly focused on grades as I want him to learn and want him to learn to study. However I told him if he pulls C's or D's he may have to retake the course because for a STEM major, the grades should be higher.

I also want to mention the method the tutor starts off with is Charlotte Mason style narration. (Can you believe it?) She asks him to tell all he knows about topic X then she listens and corrects him if there is an error, then she fills in the gaps of what the chapter presented that he somehow missed. If there is math, he does some and she sees if he is doing it correctly, if not, she re-teaches it to him.

We are so blessed to have found her. After the second session with this new tutor he was beaming and said he loves her.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude and hope...


Future Plans

Prior to the May 9 final test my son will have to study and see if he can understand the old information that he formerly did not comprehend.

After that he can focus on studying for the SAT II Chemistry test. This will be his first SAT Subject Test.

The tutor can help with the studying process.

My son says he buys into this plan of attack. Now that he has had a taste of success he is excited to do what has to be done. He is not protesting, complaining, or refusing. Thank goodness.

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PassYourClass said...

Have you ever thought about having him take a CLEP test? Based on his scores and preparation for the SAT II it sounds like he would be almost ready to take the Chemistry CLEP test as well - or even as a primer for the SAT test.

Based on the college he wants to attend, the credits could count for general education credits or science credits.

We're currently working with some homeschooling moms to get their kids college credit before they enter college. Let me know if you are interested in participating - since I know you aren't busy :)