Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When a Blah Day Hits Your Homeschool

Tired of the same old, same old routine?

Sick of doing the same lessons in a scheduled format?

Feeling tired from yesterday's activities or last night's late bedtime?

Is it raining and gray out?

It's time to make a change just for today.

Here are some ideas of what we have done recently on such days. These suggestions can take a couple of hours or can last a the whole daytime, depending on your schedule, especially if you have a late afternoon appointment you still need to keep.

Declare the day a movie day. Mom picks an educational movie to watch with the reward being the kids can pick an entertainment movie of their choice. Recently we watched West Side Story, a musical, which is educational, and my sons complained and didn't want to watch it but we did, and talked about it, then we watched a movie of their choice.

Declare the day a documentary watching day. Surf what's on live television or use your Netflix account, watch them free online or go to the library and bring home a stack of them.

Watch some spoken word poetry on YouTube. Discuss it.

Pull out a book of poetry or surf for poems on the web pertaining to certain interests or topics. Today we are reading a poem about nature and snow and the weather in January. Mom read the poems aloud and talk about them with the kids.

Watch a classic movie that it seems everyone has seen but your kids have not seen yet. Discuss it. Use your parental guidance of course, but you may venture into controversial territory if it has merits to view and discuss. Better that the kids see it with you and you discuss it than seeing it with their friends. A recent example is we watched The Godfather (years after their same aged peers have seen it) and disussed the history of prejudice and stereotypes of Italian immigrants. This is relevant to our family since my kids are half Italian. They needed to know what some people think when they hear that they are Italian.

Have an art making day or make crafts.

Bake or cook something extravagant and time consuming. Let the kids read the cookbooks and make some selections.

Experiment with making digital art with programs on the internet or with software you own.

If you want to get out of the house, go to a museum or to a historical site. Go to a restaurant for lunch, perhaps something unique to your area such as a famous pizza restaurant, a great BBQ joint or a small family run dive that is known for its hamburgers, or whatever. An old favorite of ours was to declare it ice cream lunch day and get a giant ice cream sundae at a favorite ice cream parlor.

Instead of slogging through the same old routine every day, when you are just plain sick of it, change it up and do something different.

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