Thursday, January 31, 2013


We just finished watching Simon Schama's Power of Art which concludes with Mark Rothko. Schama said the paintings were not still or inactive at all, which is the opposite to what this MOMA curator states. Schama also said that Rothko wanted the paintings viewed at a distanct of eighteen inches, so close!

I saw a temporary exhibit featuring Rothko's work at The Met a few years ago, while we were there for a homeschool class (something completely different than Rothko), before I knew anything about him. The color was vibrant and the artworks were stunning and surprising to me.

Through homeschooling I am learning a lot that I was never exposed to in public school or college. Sometimes, to be truthful, my kids don't seem as interested as the content as I am but as I said the other day, if they only remember a fraction of what they are exposed to, it'll be great.

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