Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fell Into a Homeschool Rhythm

This is week three of the new schedule which includes two half days at medical appointments. I am happy to report we have fallen into a good rhythm.

I am enjoying homeschooling my kids again. The younger is now rebelling a bit so it is not perfect here. The older has been fantastic to be around in general and I am enjoying teaching him now that he lets me.

It feels great to enjoy my kids again. I think I am on the healing side of homeschool burnout. I still feel overwhelmed with all that is going on regarding my older son's learning challenges and medical conditions but hopefully all the care he is getting is going to help.

Still unresolved is that I have no time to exercise for fitness. My weight has not changed since I gained ten pounds during the move in the summer of 2011 but I'm feeling fat. I just can't seem to get everything aligned to be balanced and ideal, but maybe my ideals are too high.

This schedule we're using started three weeks ago and will be in effect through May 12. After that the co-op classes end so I can revise the schedule again. Having finished those courses my kids will have time for new things. I plan to fill that time with art electives, some museum trips, and probably my older son will returning to doing geometry.


Ahermitt said...

Sounds like a plan. Glad you are coming through the end of the struggle intact.

Deborah said...

That sounds great. We also have got into a good start of the semester rhythm, although I was hoping to go to town only two days a week and it looks like we will be doing at least three. (Town is 41 miles.) And a neighbor will take dd19 at 9 a.m. if she has to work on a project, freeing me to not leave until after lunch. I'm still working on getting my (very) part time job and teaching done in a way that still lets me get lunch (our big meal) on the table without a lot of stress. At least I've learned not to plan anything elaborate on the town days, and even better is if at least one of those days can have a strong leftover component.

A friend of mine has started using a "standing desk"...anyway he told me that a friend of his has a standing desk with a treadmill that he sets to 1/4 mile per hour, and by working at it for four hours a day, managed to lose 60 pounds over a period of several months, with no other changes to his lifestyle. My cousin reads while he uses his exercise bike. Just recently I started "lifting weights" while reading aloud...not flexing them, but holding them at various angles that work my muscles as I read, one page per arm. Straight up is easy, almost parallel to the floor difficult. (I lie down when reading and using the computer...probably would not work so well for someone who prefers to sit.) Good luck finding some time and a method that works for you. (My favorite things is getting my husband to drive me to his work...then I have to walk home!)

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I'm really glad things are looking up, Christine!

llasblog said...

This is so good to hear! It was quite a tough stretch, wasn't it? And you all seem to have come out of it having grown through it. Hope the progress continues.