Monday, January 21, 2013

Anne Frank House Video Tour by a Tourist

When I visited the Anne Frank house in 1993 photography was banned. I bought a souveneir photo book so I could remember the sights. Little did I know back then that one day we would have access to YouTube and amateur videos.

My older son read the "definitive" (complete) diary of Anne Frank last month as part of his homeschool history. I'd imagined we'd have read the book years earlier but it was one of those things that slipped through the cracks. I recall reading it in public middle school and felt that it changed me forever, I grew up and my eyes were opened to the wider harsh world by reading the memoir.


mominsanity said...

I loved reading the Diary of Anne Frank and want so badly to travel to see the place where she spent the last two years of her short life. Thanks for posting this!

Also, what is the "definitive" edition? There are so many editions to choose from, that I'd love to get the most complete one.

ChristineMM said...

The Definitive Edition restores back some of the edited stuff that her father took out. The materials state there was some put back about her emotions toward her crush and sexuality info and some unflattering remarks about her mother.

My son wound up reading it so fast, and I wanted to re-read the Definitive Edition not the original. I never finished the Definitive Edition.

We did some side by side comparison and in the early part there were some lists of birthday gifts and other longer passages that were edited out for who knows what reason.