Sunday, December 09, 2012

Tips for Selecting an eReader Cover

What Are Your Needs?

When choosing a case for your Kindle FIRE or iPad or any tablet device, what you need to do is figure out your needs then find a case that suits your desire.

There are all kinds of cases for all different people.

Do you want some padding (neoprene padding) or do you like a hard unpadded design? Do you want a case that simply opens (like a book) or one that has a fastener you have to manually move to close it securely?

Do you want a case that protects from scratches only or one that will allow the device to stand up hands-free such as is convenient for watching movies and television shows?

Do you want a case for travel and carrying around and want to use the device without it being in a case or do you want to use it with the case on?

If using an iPad do you want a magnetized cover that will automatically put the device on sleep mode when you close the cover? Those are more expensive and are usually around $50. I purchased an inexpensive generic cover new on eBay but the magnet doesn't work well. Sometimes you do have to spend a fair amount or risk having to buy a cheap one that doesn't work the first time then resort to buying a better cover in the end anyway.

You decide what you need, then look for the case that fits the bill.

There are so many on the market, it can be hard to pick which you want. I advise to read customer reviews on to see if the product delivers on their marketing promises or if it is nonfunctional.

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