Monday, December 24, 2012

One More Dawn, One More Day, One Day More!

I cannot wait for the movie!

Les Miserables!

I'm prepping by refreshing my memory by re-listening to the complete Broadway recording on CD.

Here's a video of One Day More that has excellent audio.

But I may have to wait until December 26th to see it!

Movie trailer one:

Movie trailer two:

The only thing that could happen to make things better than being able to watch this as a movie is if they bring back the stage production if the movie is a hit. If it returns, I vow to see it numerous times! I've seen the live production twice and I need it to return! Pretty please?

I was a complete Les Mis nut in the 90s. I used to commute to work blasting the music and singing at the top of my lungs. It was even more fun while driving home in the dark from my college night classes.

(And you can bet I am excited to dive into Les Mis with my sons. I haven't exposed them to it yet, the movie will be a starter.)

One more fun thing, a Polish flash mob of One Day More. If you know the song you will love this even though it's not in English.


Karen said...

I'm looking forward to it too!
I watched one filmed at the Royal Albert Hall and it was so amazing!

Mental multivitamin said...

We saw the first show at the theater in the next town over. So glad we went early: The crowd waiting for the 2:30 p.m. show was large and pushy! Our group was about fifty-strong.

And we give it four enthusiastic thumbs up. I had worried that the film would prove disappointing to the girls since they had just seen a pretty excellent stage production, but they loved it.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

ChristineMM said...

Can't wait to go. Could not go on Christmas day as we lost power at 10am and had a tornado warning. The sky was dark, thunderstorm, with rotating clouds. The power was out for 3 hours.

We planned to go on Dec 26. My plan was to arrive 30 minutes before it started, thought that would be enough. Wanted to go with husband so could only go at night since he is working. The stupid theatre had it running in just 1 theatre and the line was 300 feet long to get seats for that one showing. We drove for 25 minutes in circles and finally a spot opened up, looking at the theatre, street, and the mall, it was crazy. I decided to leave at 15 minutes before it began to just leave because the line was still 150 feet long, barely moving, and I had a feeling we'd not get 4 seats together.