Tuesday, December 18, 2012

High School Goals Revisited

From the archives September 2010:

What I'd Like for Older Son's High School Education

I'd forgotten I'd written this. I stumbled upon it via Google while looking for a different post in my archives.

I needed to read this again as I have been viewing life and homeschooling through the micro lens not the macro lens.

I think we have followed this to be honest. The only problem is my son is acting apathetic and is not taking responsibility for his learning. He is pushing back on some things like learning study skills and choosing to NOT study for tests. The problems we are having with our homeschool this fall are issues that reside within my son not things caused by me or outside teachers. My son is at a pivotal point where if he doesn't right himself and get on the right track he jeopardizes graduating from homeschool high school with four years of study, he may need five. Worse, he may wind up not prepared with the pre-requisites for engineering, a career choice he still claims to have as his goal.

Yesterday began our Christmas break. In this time I have some projects to do, one of which is to try to step back and look at things with the big picture view and make final plans for the spring semester. Since we began homeschooling in August we are pretty much done with the first semester of this homeschool year.

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