Friday, December 21, 2012

Helpful Advice for Designing Your Own High School Literature Class

The 7 Sisters blog has an encouraging post about high school literature. It contains a few v-logs, one suggests how many books, plays, poems and shoeprt stories a high schooler should read in a year for one course.

I had been confused about how much is enough versus how much is overkill.


Ahermitt said...

I think we as homeschoolers over-do it.

My son is about to take Eng 102 in college after taking Eng 101. In both classes, he had ONE very short book... they were both plays. He had an analysis and writing text as well, but only ONE piece of literature.

My daughter read his literature for next semester in one sitting.

ChristineMM said...

A Hermitt I have been wondering if one reason homeschoolers fare well is we do what we think is basic but it is more than what some (most?) schooled kids do?

One serious classic book a month is too much for my kids to read, I think.

School scope and sequences list just a couple of novels but I am not sure they are reading unabridged copies or abridged or excerpts? Who knows. Also some of them are confusing since they have all listed on supplemental reading list which a teacher told me they offer as a list and the student picks 2 to read. The scope and sequence looks inflated then as if everyone is reading all those books. Hmm.

Trace said...

Thanks for this link! Some good stuff here....