Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Break To Do List

Effective December 17, 2012,  we are on a three week Christmas break. We are not traveling, this is a staycation.

Since the kids are now behind in math due to nonsense they pulled that I discovered later, they are doing one hour of math per day. Grade 10 son is reading assigned literature (just finished The Diary of Anne Frank now is reading To Kill a Mockingbird then will finish Farenheit 451). Grade 7 son is reading the Series of Unfortunate Events with his new eyeglasses which make reading possible so I am letting him get used to reading more again and focusing on pleasure fun reading not school assignments.

They have rowing practice some of these days.

Other than that the kids have free time.

As for me this is what I hope to accomplish:

Moving Related:

Finish hanging wall art which is cluttering the formal dining room (so we can eat in it on Christmas!)

Go through framed family photos to take out old ones. (These are cluttering the formal living room.)
Get rid of frames that don't match this new house's decor.
Print up new phtoos for the frames.
Buy new frames if needed.
Put the framed art on horizontal surfaces around the house.

Go through digital photos and find favorite photos of Connecticut, Cape Cod, and Maine. Print them.
Buy matching black frames and hang the photos on two walls in the game room as collections.

Husband finish putting new floor in teh unfinished attic.
I will go through boxes cluttering the garage and decide which are going to the attic.
Hire someone to move those boxes.
Decide which things I should donate to a preschool or a daycare. Then let go of it. (Sentimental toys mostly)
Park in my garage for the first time.

Get the cat pee smell out of husband's office.
Clean rugs in son's bedroom, my art studio, and hallway of old dog pee stains visible with black light.
Move furniture from garage to my art studio.
Do last tasks to set up art supplies in my new art studio.
Actually make some art in the art studio. Have fun (gasp)!

Christmas Related:

Recreate the Christmas card list since the old one has been lost
Send the Christmas cards out.
Buy a Christmas tree (live) and decorate it.
Make Christmas cookies.
Make gingerbread creations with the kids.
Host Christmas Eve party and all related prep and clean up.
Invite some friends to attend church with us for Christmas services.

Homeschool Related:

Figure out if my kids are going to homeschool in the spring or enroll them to public school.

If we continue to homeschool I need to:
Learn how to use Homeschool Tracker Online version.
Set up lesson plans and agendas on HSTO.

Get the 21 boxes of unwanted books out of my upstairs hallway.
Figure out how to resell this valuable stuff. Or at least dump it in a corner of the garage.

Medical Related

consultation for my new retina problem

counseling for older son weekly continues

get older son second consult on reading problems / vision problems

Fun Related:

Read books for pleasure
Read books for information and advice
Enjoy being in my home which hopefully will be in its most unpacked and most decorated state since moving here five months ago


So is this over-ambitious? With three weeks off from homeschooling this seems do-able to me. We'll see.


Annie Kate said...

Hah! I love overscheduling. But I hate it when too much needs to get done.

This morning I woke up with a whole new project just hatched in my mind. Oh dear. I'll need at least 5 hours a week for it--all about living books in detail, probably a website. But I'd promised my daughter we'd do a gluten-free website together and see if we could earn some college money that well as, of course, learning a lot of things on the way.

My oldest at home student (17) needs to work on math throughout the holidays. My 15 year-old is busy enough tweaking recipes, reading books, and blogging that she doesn't need to do any 'school' work, and the two little ones have the time off.

My goals are to have fun with my family, eat good food, declutter, organize my home, set up a schedule for next year that will meet my goals, keep exercising, write a few reviews, and set up that gluten-free blog/website.

Annie Kate

PS Couldn't you hire your boys to move the boxes? A bit of service and hands-on work really can help kids attitudes, and that way the money stays in the family which is always good.

ChristineMM said...

Annie Kate, Sounds like your muse has kicked in!

My older son can't lift the boxes as he broke his hand. Oh I neglected to blog it. We've been busy with those appointments and I've been his scribe for homeschooling. More work for me. Oh joy.