Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Message About Christmas for Christians

Finally someone addressed the issue. Thank you R.C. Sproul!

"Every generation has its abundance of Scrooges. The church is full of them. We hear endless complaints of commercialism. We are constantly told to put Christ back into Christmas. We hear that the tradition of Santa Claus is a sacrilege. We listen to those acquainted with history murmur that Christmas isn’t biblical. The Church invented Christmas to compete with the ancient Roman festival honoring the bull-god Mithras, the nay-sayers complain. Christmas? A mere capitulation to paganism.

And so we rain on Jesus’ parade and assume an Olympian detachment from the joyous holiday. All this carping is but a modern dose of Scroogeism, our own sanctimonious profanation of the holy."


"What about putting Christ back into Christmas? It is simply not necessary. Christ has never left Christmas."


"Doesn’t Santa Claus paganize or at least trivialize Christmas? He’s a myth, and his very mythology casts a shadow over the sober historical reality of Jesus. Not at all. Myths are not necessarily bad or harmful. Every society creates myths. They are a peculiar art form invented usually to convey a message that is deemed important by the people. When a myth is passed off as real history, that is fraud. But when it serves a different purpose it can be healthy and virtuous. Kris Kringle is a mythical hero, not a villain. He is pure fiction — but a fiction used to illustrate a glorious truth."

Well the whole essay is worth reading, so please read it.

Marley and His Message to Scrooge by R.C. Sproul

Hat tip: Veritas Press Christian homeschooling enewsletter.

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April Dunlap said...

Very good essay! I enjoyed it too. Thanks for sharing!
Happy New Year to you and your family!