Saturday, November 10, 2012

Younger Son Learning to Write a Research Paper

The major project this week for my younger son is writing a research paper with a thesis.

Because he is taking part two of the course, he missed the gentle introduction that his classmates had last year.

The poor kid is learning to read more than four sources for material and not all of them pan out so now we are at six resources.

He has to find at least three facts from a source. He needs at least two sources per topic.

It is a three body paragraph paper with an introduction and conclusion paragraph. He needs to create his own thesis statement. Last week he did not even know what a thesis statement was.

He is learning MLA formatting for the first time.

He is learning about not plagarizing, paraphrasing and doing quotes.

Plus he is using all the IEW writing techniques such as using a who/which clause and how many adverbs and quality verbs and quality adjectives and yada yada yada.

I am exhausted to say the least. He claims exhaustion also.

He needs to learn this some time so now is as good a time as any.

Even if we quit the program he will have learned this for future use. Even if he winds up in public school at least he will have been taught how to write a research paper.

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Rachel said...

I love the IEW method so far. My 8th grader is doing Medieval History. It is her second semester at this level and is getting it down. She is finishing up a report for her other Language Arts program and using what she has learned from IEW is a big help. I am not requiring her to label it like an IEW paper, but I better be able to find a vss and the who/which clause and the other dress-ups. I think I will use the IEW checklist to grade it.

Stick with it. The high school kids in our group are putting forth wonderful writings now.