Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Library?

Homeschooling in the same building where all the fun and games are housed can be too tempting for some kids. I am thinking about packing up our supplies and heading to the public library to "do homeschooling".

The library has rules of conduct that are stricter than those in place in my own home and the best part is I don't have to be both the loving mom, the homeschool teacher, and the basic rules creator and the rules enforcer. Being the taskmaster and the heavy has made my kids think I'm a meanie. They don't know how easy they have it compared to schooled kids.

Sadly my kids don't see me or my husband as being on their team helping them toward their goals. The kids have a slacker mindset right now which is derailing them from their OWN GOALS but when they see the logic laid out they dismiss it since their personal preferences do not lead them to do what they feel like doing.

About the library, I am unsure how much talking I can do to help my kids and not bother the other patrons. I am going to scope out different libraries in my town and see what the different areas for working have to offer. Once in the children's section I overheard a paid tutor of sorts helping a homeschooled child who had recently exited the school system. The child had Asperger's Syndrome and was having major social issues at school and had been bullied and taunted for years. The boy was still dealing with negative self-esteem from that. It was so sad that I teared up while in the stacks looking for books to use for homeschool history. If they can have that kind of therapy at the library in that spot then I think I can find a similar spot to homeschool my kids.

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Xa Lynn said...

The libraries around here are nowhere near as quiet as they were when I was a kid - there are always tutors and students, and study groups, and book clubs meeting - all in the chairs near the stacks - never in a separate room for that purpose. Also, no on else seems to think that small children shouldn't run through the library screaming except for me. I hope this is a local phenomenon and not happening where you live. But in any case, I wouldn't worry at all about a quiet conversation/study time with your sons.