Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Reading Pushback From Younger Son

I am shocked that this fall my younger son (age 12) is giving me major pushback on reading independently.

He is reading slowly.

He is not remembering what he reads.

He says it goes in one ear and out the other.

He is unable to discuss it.

So, I started reading aloud. I did this only for the readings that are above his grade/age level. These are readings assigned by the "not a homeschool co-op".

I can't believe the number of hours I am reading aloud from two books per week.

I am having a hard time doing 40 hours of homework with him and then also homeschooling my 10th grader.

(This year it seems like everything is going wrong or is an uphill battle with our homeschooling.)

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Xa Lynn said...

Can he not take notes as he reads? Or highlight the important bits and then summarize what he's read using the highlighted portions as prompts? If he can't, has he realized that THIS is why the ability to take notes is so important in high school and college? I am SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD to teaching my kids to take notes, because the one that likes to write cannot summarize coherently, and the one that summarizes coherently hates to write things down. Sigh. Childish drama over this has abounded this week in our homeschooling...

Xa Lynn