Saturday, November 17, 2012

No MIT Splash This Year For Our Family

This is the first year we are not at MIT ESP Splash in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Last year after the move to Houston we flew back east to attend. Airfare was too expensive this year to justify the entire family going, or even just one parent. Hotels in Boston are pricey also, as are the restaurants. It is hard to get around without a rental car. All those things add up. We had a big expense with buying a home in Texas. Plus, the kids are too involved in their sport team and paid academic classes to take the break.

A chapter in our lives has closed. Today was a regular old Saturday for us. At about one this afternoon it struck me that today was MIT Splash and we were not there. Some of our friends who usually attend did not attend this year out of busy-ness with their regular homeschool academics and extracurriculars. I felt a pang of disappointment as I recalled the fun times my kids have had in Cambridge and Boston on MIT Splash weekends. And it is still going on without us. As I write this thousands of middle and high school students are having a blast on the MIT campus learning and having fun. But for us it's a regular Saturday in Houston.

Life happens. Circumstances change. Paths change. Chapters close and the next chapter opens. That's life.

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dstb said...

Hi Christine,

I was wondering if you were around Cambridge this year. I know the timing could work for a trip back to CT for Thanksgiving, but obviously cost is a big issue. We probably spent over $600 for the weekend when you include hotel, meals, gas and cost of Splash itself. And we didn't have to fly and rent a car!

I had kind of hoped to introduce myself to you to see how things were going. I know it has been a tough fall for you. I will tell you of a friend, who on the way to Boston with her two kids, found out her son had not done some school work she thought he had. Guess what? He sat at the hotel with her for two days doing his school work. No Splash for him. I give her credit for sticking to her guns especially when it would have been so nice for her to have two days to herself while both kids were at Splash.

Anyway, sorry you didn't make it, but as you say, paths change. (I see Southwestern U. had a Splash earlier this year. Maybe they will do one again that your boys could attend).