Friday, November 02, 2012


I am pretty sure that my younger son gets carsick when he reads in the car. This is a terrible state of affairs. He's the only one in our immediate family who has this problem.


So far this means he can't do schoolwork while driving. That is one more reason why he needs to be efficient at doing his home-school-work when he is at home.


dstb said...

I have the same problem. Always have.

Might be a good time to get some books on CD from the library. Although the boys would rather have fantasy novels to listen to, when they are in the car I usually have something that relates to our history studies (and they usually like them). Here are a few examples:
Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes (Revolutionary War)
Killer Angels by Michael Shaara (Civil War)
Black Duck by Janet Taylor Lisle (prohibition)

Anyway, you know what I mean. It's a great way to fit in books that you'd like to do, but may not have time for. Plus, you all listen together so you can talk about them afterward.

I wish I could read in the car, but this works for me. I hope it will work for you.


jpreece said...

I tend to get carsick when sitting in the back seat, and can't read while riding in the front seat. We have a 3 row blazer. If I sit in the far back seat, I don't get sick and can read. Have you tried having him sit in different areas in the car to see if it gets any better?

Ahermitt said...

I didn't know there was any one who could read in a car! My kids would projectile vomit if they tried. We used educational videos in the car instead.

ChristineMM said...

I read and have read a ton as a child and as an adult while in a moving car. I cannot imagine riding as a passenger without reading.

I prefer reading to audiobooks because I tend to zone out sometimes when listening to audio books and it is harder to back up to where you left off, especially when listening in a car with others.

I feel sorry for anyone who gets carsick.

Xa Lynn said...

I can read sitting in the front seat, where I can glance out at the horizon between pages, but I get carsick in the back. When I was a kid, it didn't matter - I read on every seat in the bus, but since I got used to sitting in the front seat, just riding in the other seats often makes me queasy. I don't listen to audio books for myself, but my kids love them (and radio dramas), so we do listen to them in the car, and have gotten a surprising amount of schoolwork done that way - particularly the year that we read all the Little House books - every time we got in the car, we listened to another chapter, which allowed us to finish one book each month. In order not to get too far ahead, I also shut off the audio book after that one chapter. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, in small doses like that. Would something like that work for your son?


jmcneil said...

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