Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blocking Websites at Router Failed

We tried blocking website access at the router but it made the Internet impossible to use in the house. For example, if one person watched a video such as for Thinkwell homeschool math, no one else in the house could look at any website at that moment. The same thing happened for YouTube. We have been using YouTube for educational history video watching. When I prep the videos to watch the kids could not do their math or any of their work such as reading to get communications to and from their teachers at the homeschool co-ops.

We did not realize what the problem was until a Comcast employee suggested this to me via Twitter. (The best way to get expert advice on Comcast issues is to tweet the Comcast reps directly. They follow up via direct message - DM.)

Now that we know we cannot block sites at the router or control time of day usage of the computer we are back to using KidWatch with younger son. He says he likes this because he no longer feels tempted to sneak and do things online that prevent him from getting his work done.

Older son has no parental controls on his computer because he hacks them. We are working out a plan of action and goals with mediation with the counselor. I can't believe we have to pay a psychologist to handle my son's inability to self-regulate and self-monitor. And I can't believe that my husband and I can't handle this on our own.

The basic issue, if you have not been reading my past posts, is that my son was staying up late into the night on the Internet and then was unable to function the next day and he was not getting his schoolwork done either. Some of the internet activity was video games which are web-based. Some of the video games are free so it does not involve money from parents. The older son is also playing Fantasy Football now so that is the newest distractor. The good news is he has quit Minecraft, which he decided on his own.


Ahermitt said...

Just wondering. What would happen if you said "screw it". You know what... knock yourself out. Play video games all night and don't get your schoolwork done. It's your life. What would your son do then?

Of course in my case, I have added something like, but don't ask me to drive you anywhere if you don't get your work done.. You don't do your share, I won't do mine. BTW, when you turn 18, I'm sitting your stuff on the lawn.

Once again, not an expert... just crazy and experimental.

Xa Lynn said...

Ahermitt - LOL, that's the type of solution we use around here, too, with my youngest - "Fine, don't do your chores, but then don't expect me to do X/pay for X/drive you to X either."

My oldest never needs that kind of consequence. I don't know why they are so different.

Michelle Downunder said...

I was here looking at your links for a book referred from an Aussie site and saw the internet safety comments and I want to share what I have only just found. May I say also that noone seems to be talking about this issue much.

My husband found the a solution on the Focus on the Family site. We tried it and it is working well.

You can follow this link to find how it worked for us.

Smiles to You.


(An Aussiehomeschooler with CM leanings)