Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Web Profiles Haunt Students

Web Profiles Haunt Students

by Douglas Belkin

Published at Wall Street Journal

on 10/04/12

Just like I have always told my kids...

Facebook and Twitter...

"anti-social behavior"
racist statements
disciplinary problems at school
criminal activity
sexual assault

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Xa Lynn said...

The students who thought it was "unfair" for a college admissions officer to view their online profile cracked me up. I guess I'm stunned they are either that naive or that stupid. If I were an admissions counselor, or if I had my old job which involved making hiring decisions regarding job applicants, you can bet I'd be reading online profiles. Just because someone can write a good application, or do a good interview, doesn't mean they have the good character I desire to admit or hire. I'd take whatever info I could get, wherever I could get it, in order to properly vet candidates. Anyone stupid enough to post racist statements, or pictures of their drunken debaucheries, or illegal activities such as drugs or sexual assaults, isn't going to be admitted/hired by me. Besides the lack of good character demonstrated by those posts, they also show a complete lack of common sense, and I have no tolerance for fools.

Xa Lynn