Sunday, October 07, 2012

Texas High School Graduation Requirements

Students entering grade 9 in 2012 (class 2017 and higher) have different graduation requirements than former graduating classes: 

2012-2013 Side by Side Graduation Program Requirements (for students entering high school in 2012-2013 and later) (PDF, 120KB)

Students in class of 2016 and prior:
2011-2012 Side by Side Graduation Program Requirements (for students who entered high school prior to 2012-2013) (PDF, 77KB)

If the links don't work go to this page: Texas Education Agency.

In Texas homeschools are considered private schools. No filing of paperwork or reporting is required.


My name is Tiffany said...

Thanks for posting this. Even though my oldest is only in second grade I still look ahead and plan accordingly. I don't like surprises. By the time my little guys are at this point I'm sure changes will be made agian but Im okay with that. I also look at college entrance requirements.

ChristineMM said...

Enjoy the elementary grade years. Don't look forward too far or you will get stressed out! Just live in the moment for the next few years please!