Friday, October 26, 2012

Grid Layout of Three Texas High School Graduation Plans

Here are three Texas high school graduation plans that obviously show state requirements and limits.

Note an AP class is two credits so that would take one credit away from an elective course. So instead of taking a one credit science if you took an AP science you would take one less academic elective.

Related to homeschooling: HSLDA still provides the clearest three plan grid layout for homeschoolers that I have ever seen.

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Ahermitt said...

In our case, we pretty much went for the HSLDA path (middle) college bound track, except I used the non college track in math, because my family felt that personal finance was more important than pre-calc. My son did do a semester of trig one summer, and my daughter added on business math to make it look more official. On top of that they added an obnoxious amount of art classes because they are talented. That helped balance the lower math classes.

I guess my point is, these plans are great, but as a homeschooling parent, unless homeschoolers are bound to Texas graduation rules (which would surprise me), you can make concessions and still have them accepted into college with scholarships (both my kids) or even get last minute review for accreditation (my daughter).