Thursday, September 20, 2012

When a Thunderstorm Suddenly Comes

...the rowing team stays indoors and blasts this song while lifting weights, laughing, and learning this dance.

Most say it was the most fun practice ever. Co-ed sports teams can be so interesting.

Read about Gangnam Style and the English translation here.

The storm as it loomed at practice time:

After the storm passed:

Houston storms are a whole different animal than what I'm used to in New England. They come fast and furious, they are dark and scary, and the rain comes down literally in sheets and drops hit your windshield two to three inches wide. The lightning is huge and zaps across the sky like some kind of special effects light show, unfortunately, houses and buildings do get hit and we hear the fire truck's sirens scream as they race to put the fire out. These storms are fast and furious, and rowing on open water is not the place to be during a thunderstorm. Period.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Those are wonderful pictures, Christine. Our storms in New Mexico come fast and furious and we have cloudbursts, too. But although we get boiling clouds rarely, our storms are still not the monster storms that occur on the Gulf Coast and in Tornado Ally.

Mandi411 said...

Very cool photos! Instagram perhaps?

Mandi411 said...

Very cool photos! Thanks for sharing.