Saturday, September 15, 2012

Watching Documentaries About Auschwitz

My 10th grade son and I are watching a documentary series about Auschwitz, produced by BBC and released in 2005: Auschwitz Inside the Nazi State, which we access on Netflix. It is a six part series.

I feel that documentaries can bring history alive using visual images of photography or video dramatizations. Additionally the newer documentaries are making good use of CGI (computer generated images) of 3D models and showing things such as how a site changed over time. We just saw the original plans for the gas chambers at Auschwitz comparing the original plans and then changes made over time. There is nothing like a great book to read but then again a high quality documentary with excellent visuals is also hard to beat.

Interviews with former concentration camp Jews and hearing their stories brings this horrible event in world history to life in a way that makes it feel real to viewers of any age. The atrocity is so horrid that to read about it in a book almost seems too distant and it is easy to think to oneself, "This cannot be true." With the video, seeing the places, hearing the voices of survivors, and seeing photo and video footage of the concentration camps challenges us by showing that it was very real indeed.

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Ann said...

You are so right, documentaries are so powerful!