Sunday, September 09, 2012

Taste Nirvana Coconut Water Product Review

My Star Rating: 5 stars out of 5 = I Love It

This is the third brand of coconut water I have tried. This one tastes much different than other brands, it has a definate SWEET taste and tastes like the coconut taste Americans are familiar with from various coconut desserts or drinks.

According to the label "Our coconuts are harvested from the prized Nakorn Pathom province, where they grow larger and taste sweeter than from any other region in the world." These are made from "natural coconut water" only, there are no added ingredients. This is a product of Thailand. It is distrubuted by a Taste Nirvana of Walnut California.

Some people are curious about sodium content. The label says 42 mg of sodium per 9.46 fluid ounces. It has 50 calories and 600 mg of Potassium.

There is a little pulp in this. It doesn't bother me but may be visually unappealing to some if they are used to a more clear looking coconut water.

(I tried Vita Coco first which had a taste that I got used to after a while. I then tried Zico and decided I liked that "flavor" better than Vita Coco. Now I that I tried this, I like this Taste Nirvana water best of all.)

What drew me to try Coconut water was the high potassium level (one serving is said to equal to two bananas), the electrolytes, and the fact that it is all natural. Coconut water is an excellent natural hydration beverage that does not have various negative things that the popular brand artificial sport drinks have in them.

All coconut waters taste best when served very cold. The fact that this comes in a glass bottle makes it seem more chilled and it holds the chill longer than an aseptic pack or plastic bottle. They also package their product in aluminum cans although I have not tried that packaging.

Disclosure: See my blog's disclosure statement near the top of my blog's sidebar. I purchased this with my own money.

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BossBrew said...

Terrific review! I have bounced around and tried a ton of different Coconut Water brands and Taste Nirvana makes my favorite by far. I use it daily with my Kale shakes and it is refreshing and tastes truly like fresh coconut water should.

If you haven't tried C2O Coconut Water yet I suggest you give them a chance. The consistency of C2O is a bit more thin so it's more refreshing than Taste Nirvana and if you aren't careful you can chug the entire can before you know it!

Finally a naturally sweetened drink that I can enjoy without feeling guilty. Thanks for spreading the word on this terrific company.