Sunday, September 16, 2012

Long Live the Bookworms Too!

This former bookworm girl is sharing a link to an article published at The Independent (United Kingdom source).

Long Live the Geeks!

"The triumph of the geek is most obvious in the explosion of computing in the past 30 years, and everyone knows what happened there: the kids the cool kids sneered at are now worth millions and sometimes billions, and they have changed the world in their own image. But the world has always been shaped by people who were awkward in youth, strange of speech, often laughed at for doing things the wrong way. The history of literature is full of awkward misfits. Scientists and philosophers, thinkers of all kinds, were almost always regarded by their contemporaries as weird, withdrawn, obsessive, never without a book."


aminocha said...

All geeks are not created equal and a stereotype may be oversimplification of sometimes very complex personalities. For example, I have academic pursuits at work, write as a hobby and do stand-up comedy (open mic) for fun. just my 2-cents.

Ann said...

Oh, I'd like to read this!