Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Product Review: Linksys EA2700 Router

My Star Rating: 3 Stars out of 5 = It’s Okay

Summary Statement: Easy to Set Up and Works Well But WiFi Doesn't Go More Than 25 Feet

We set this up in our new home when establishing a new network. The set up process was fast and simple. Without reading any directions my 12 year old set up the account name and password when he attempted to login with his laptop. Later when connecting with iPhone and iPad the login was simple, all we needed was the password.

The downfall to this model -- which we have in the middle of the house on the 2nd floor next to a two story foyer area in an open floor plan house -- is when we go 20 feet away, the service drops to 2 bars -- and then 25 feet away in the doorway to the family room right off the foyer, it drops to 1 bar. Farther than that in the kitchen and bedrooms and other rooms, there are 0 bars and no service at all. We wound up using the ISP provided modem/router combo at the main site then buying a repeater to install ourselves. We will use the Linksys EA2700 with the repeater to boost service in the other rooms so we can use wifi for our iPhones and iPads and Kindle Fires.

I note that on the product description page there is a chart showing the different features of the different models the Linksys sells. They have Speed Boost, which it seems that we need in this house, in model numbers EA3500 and EA4500. Unless you live in a small apartment you may want to buy a router with Speed Boost so your wifi might reach your entire home with just one router.

Disclosure: I received one of these from's Vine program for the purpose of writing a review on's site. I was under no obligation to review it favorably nor was I obligated to blog the review. I was not paid to write this review.

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