Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day Back Homeschooling

...I guess it technically was last week?

We are having what I'll refer to as a soft start since various classes have differing start dates. Some courses have "orientation day" which is not really day one. The different classes have different date starts but basically by the end of this week my kids will have finished at least one regular full class in each thing they are doing.

We are of course not yet adjusted to the waking time for the earliest days. Health care providers say to rise at the same time each day but the notion of that kills me so I am undecided about making the other five days a week be that early!

I am getting used to the drives to the new-to-us places. I am getting the routines down and trying to figure things out such as sign in sheets, sign out sheets, drop off time, pick up time, how I will navigate from one appointment to another, so forth and so on.

The schedule also mandates that the 15 year old stay at home alone one day a week to do homeschool lessons and to attend his online class. Unfortunately I won't even be here for the first class to make sure he can logon correctly since I have to be on-site with my younger son a half hour away.

Oh this is so complicated!

I'm trying to get my ducks in a row about logins for the various different online class programs and it's not so easy.

The school uniforms are late in arriving and some other little things are happening so we are not 100% stocked with required items for the first week. Well, I tried. We're all trying.


Xa Lynn said...

How early is early? I like sunrise but only for the part of the year that it happens after 6:15AM! My kids start wandering around at 7AM whether I'm ready for them or not...

ChristineMM said...

6:30am. We were at 7:30am last year. Used to rise at about 8:30am year before that.