Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Birders: Documentary Review

Documentary Title: Birders: The Central Park Effect

HBO Films

My Star Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

I really enjoyed watching the documentary Birders earlier this month. I enjoy feeding and watching wild birds but I don't consider myself a true birder. I garden with birds in mind and use organic products on my lawn and garden so I don't hurt wild creatures, birds included.

This documentary discusses birdwatching and birdwatchers in Central Park.

I never imagined there were birdwatchers in Central Park but there are some hardcore Manhattanite birdwatchers. Explored in this film are reasons why people birdwatch, what drew them to begin, and how and why they believe it has enhanced their life. There were short interviews with various people, the youngest was a teen girl. There was a longer profile on an older lady who is a mentor of sorts, leading bird walks, who was undergoing Cancer treatment and said she thought this may be her last birding season. I was glad to see her enjoying every ounce that life has to offer while she is still here.

Additionally I never knew that Central Park is a special place, a large forest otherwise surrounded by urban landscape which makes it a special destination for migrating birds. This phenomenon was discussed and footage was shown of birdwatchers spotting these special migrating birds.

One thing discussed was that birds are adapting to the changing landscape as development occurs, so I felt it was hopeful. However then it was stated the bird numbers are declining, which was sad.

This was a lighthearted and educational, yet entertaining documentary and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a nature lover, enjoys the wild birds and wants to see how birding is done Central Park Style.

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PMSS said...

Thanks for posting this documentary review. Hope to see full version here soon. I recently watch this BBC documentary about relationship with birds sounds and human music. Very informative documentary for nature and music lovers.