Monday, July 23, 2012

Whale Watch in Cape Cod (2004)

July 2004

Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch, Cape Cod, Provincetown, Massachusetts

Ages and Grades: 6 (rising 2), 4 (Pre-K)

As always my older son talked to anyone who would talk back to him. He was used to adults caring about what he had to say and he spoke to them openly. A married but child-less woman on the ship talked to him nearly the entire ride. I was tired from mothering 24/7 so was relieved that I was not the one having all the conversations. Mothering just is tiring sometimes and I was trying to have a vacation, and our vacations have never been child-less ventures. I think the woman thought I was a disconnected mom who didn't care but I knew that was anything but the truth and I didn't care what someone else might think about me. She enjoyed talking to my son the whole time.

It was cold on the ship and it turned gray after we got out to sea. It was not a great day for photographs so I have just three from the entire trip. I remember doing a lot of watching of the waves and thinking and just being quiet.

I also was busy at other times hanging out with my younger son since our older son was busy talking with that woman the whole trip! (In hushed tones I asked the woman if my son was bothering her and she said no, that she was enjoying it.)

We didn't see any whales but I think we saw dolphins. This place lets you ride another time for free if you didn't see any dolphins or whales, so that's good. Dolphin Fleet is the only ship that has working scientists on board. They are doing research. They also give educational lectures during the ride.

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