Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dig a Hole. Then Eat Dinner In It.

And talk to each other in it.

Such are the things that made me love being a mother of two boys. No one ever told me that siblings could be such great friends. All I ever heard about was sibling rivaly.

Before having children I didn't know kids did funny things like this. Simple things make them happy.

Truth be told my sons didn't start being nasty until the oldest hit puberty and started being rude to his brother who then retaliated back and didn't want to take that crap. Now the younger, at 12 has started to have some of the puberty nastiness so I am really doomed.

July 2004

Eastham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Ages and Grades: 6 (rising grade 2) and 4 (Pre-K)

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Xa Lynn said...

Hmmm. My oldest hit puberty at 10 and a half. Perhaps that explains her not getting along so well with the 9 year old lately...

Xa Lynn