Saturday, April 07, 2012

New Blogger Formatting Problems: Sorry

Blogger changed their format. They keep deleting my paragraph spacing and publishing the text as one giant blob. I apologize for this. I can't figure out what's wrong.


Stacey Snacks said...

I am having the same problem Christine, you are not alone!

ChristineMM said...

Stacey I figured some of it out.

If you are going to just type words into a blog post use the compose screen.

Then if you have to insert code such as a hot link to Amazon or whatever else go to HTML mode, then paste it in.

Then return to compose to write or put in hyperlinks.

I am having the best luck with adding photos when in compose mode.

However I cannot so far, compose in my word processor, copy, then paste into blogger or the formatting disappears.

Also: for adding labels, make sure to hit "done" when finished.

When scheduling dates to publish in the future, hit "done" and then "publish".

If you don't hit "done" it messes up.

Also if you set something to auto publish in the future and then try to edit that date to another day, it stays sitting there and does not publish until you go back in (when it is late) and hit publish again.

This is ridiculous but I think I figured it out.

I still can't put a lot of photos in one post though, it just stops uploading the photos.

Hope this helps.

Nate said...

I'm with you. This new format is terrible. It LOOKS nice and slick but it's just like the other old one they used. It's unusable. I tried it a month or two back and went back to the old format after these problems. Now I have no choice by to use it.

I don't care if they change the looks but why would they make it so it eliminates all its formatting!

I may need to move my blog elsewhere.

Simon Leong said...

the new Blogger interface isn't working for me too. we shouldn't be apologizing to our readers, bloggers should be apologizing to its bloggers and hopefully will fix it up quick smart. it seems to be such a stuff up. i can't easily format text and images the way that the old interface did. it starts adding all these invisible tables that doesn't allow you to format text easily and simply. it's all taking 4 times longer than it should now. i do like how you can upload images in bulk but that's about it. fingers crossed they get their act together otherwise i'm considering migrating to Wordpress but i don't want the hassle and time to do that either.

Kiana Davenport said...

Christine, your not alone! I posted a long blog today about the new movement among writers as Born-Again Virgins. And they omitted all my paragraphs. Its one longlonglong run on sentence.

I spent half a day trying to fix it and gave up! Again, you,re not alone. Does anyone know who we complain to??? Thanks!

ChristineMM said...

Here is how to fix it. When writing text paste it or write it in COMPOSE mode and do your spacing.

When inputting code or embedded youtube video or photos switch to HTML first.

If you compose in Word then copy and paste remember to paste in COMPOSE.

However I have been mixing it up lately so it still screws up on me then I have to rework it.

Hate it.

Posting on blogger forums seems a waste. I have started publically complaining on twitter and calling their attention to it by @blogger

I also am having terrible trouble uploading photos on most days so I barely have any photos on my blog lately.

Seismic Puppy said...

When you go to post a comment, look to the right section/column: POST SETTINGS.

Click on OPTIONS:

Choose "Show html literally" and "Enter for Line Breaks"

Click 'Done'.

Then paste your stuff into html. And all should work well.