Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pinterest User Agreement Concerns

I created an account and haven't done much with Pinterest. Truth be told, I felt I didn't have time for it. My time online feels full enough already and I am busy doing things that do not entail me looking at a screen.

There is a major issue with Pinterest that everyone who uses or who is thinking about Pinterest should know about.

First, the user agreement states you must own the content you share. This is not what 99.9% of people who use Pinterest are doing. They are posting links to sites and material which is copyrighted by someone else.

Second, once you submit something to Pinterest (that you supposedly created) you are transferring ownership to them.

Did you know those things?

Here are two articles from Scientific American that discuss those items in detail.

The Promise and Perils of Pinterest
By Glendon Mellow March 16, 2012

Pinterest’s Terms of Service, Word by Terrifying Word
By Kalliopi Monoyios March 19, 2012

I am specifically frightened by the notion that I publish a blog, and I publish photos online, and some stranger can take my post and put it on Pinterest and then Pinterest thinks they own my copyrighted image and text content.

I now have a new reason to choose to avoid Pinterest.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you use Pinterest?

Update: On 3/24/12 I received an email that Pinterest has changed their user agreement and TOS to remove the things I was most concerned about. Well, consider this blog post a historical post then. It was drafted and set for publication before they edited their TOS.

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Glendon Mellow said...

The Terms of Service was partly changed due to pressure from posts like yous and ours at Scientific American, I think. News of their bizarre ToS really picked up steam, and Pinterest was wise enough to respond the way they did.

Hope you don't mind the plug; we covered a bit more at Symbiartic about the changes.