Monday, February 20, 2012

An Inspiring Homeschool Family I Met

I feel inspired by this local homeschool family I met last week. I look forward to getting to know them better. Hopefully soon I will be able to call them my new friends, not just my acquaintences.

I think this information on the Internet about them may inspire you too.


Peter Han (father of homeschooled children) at TEDxYouth in Taipei, 2011 speaking on "Innovation" which includes discussing why and how his family homeschools.

The YouTube description:
"Serving as the President of Inventors without Borders, Inc., the NGO founded by his son, Javier Fernandez-Han, Peter's passion is to help youth around the world use their talent and imagination to invent solutions to solve problems in their communities. Together with Javier, he is co-developing The Inventor's Village, a series of toolkits and learning programs to help youth invent better ideas faster. They are also launching Innovation Foundry, a collaboration of young innovators from around the world to solve specific problems in developing communities."

I shared Peter Han's video first because I like the story he tells about his children's homeschooling.


Mother Ester Fernandez-Han:

I found this interview online which tells more about why they chose to homeschool and about their current ventures and shared their website, which neither of them told me existed.

Interview by Tina on blog New Beginnings

Family website: Play. Fully. Creative. which provides more information.


The children, in the order of their birth:

Javier Fernandez-Han, inventor, lifelong homeschooler


"You Don't Have to Be Creative to Be Creative" application to speak at TEDx Slovenia


Speaking at TEDxYouth in Taipei, 2011 here he is speaking on "Invention vs. Problem Solving" which includes the method and process he invented to help other people invent things.

The YouTube description of this video is:
"At age nine Javier was inspired to use his love for invention to help the world's poor. Rather than attending traditional schools, Javier has pursued a rigorous academic program enhanced by venture-based learning. He recently co-developed "Invent and Innovate", a learning program to help youth use their imagination to invent useful products and services to serve their communities, and is currently co-developing "Inventors Village", an immersive role-playing invention system. Inventing, tinkering, and photog- raphy are Javier's favorite pursuits."


"The young Javier Fernandez-Han shared with the public their projects to help developing countries in making use of waste, creating and cultivating food and biomass indicated that he intends that everyone can be an entrepreneur."

(part one)

(part two)


If you want to see more of Javier talking in video, just search on his name in Google or YouTube.

Two articles about Javier Fernandez-Han:

How a 15 year old and pond scum can save the world

Forbes 30 Under 30: Energy Javier Fernandez-Han age 17

"These are the people who aren't waiting to reinvent the world. FORBES, leaning on the wisdom of its readers and the greatest minds in business, presents the 30 disrupters under 30, in each of 12 fields, making a difference right now."

If you want to read more about him, just do an Internet search.


Fabian Fernandez-Han

2011 Youth Venture Summit video



12 year old builds Oink-a-Saurus app (video story)

Innovating at an Early Age

Fabian Fernandez-Han, 12, Winner of the ‘NYSE Financial Future Challenge’ Rings Closing Bell at the NYSE

Super Young Retirement Savers: CNN Money

For more articles and information, do an Internet search on his name.


Again I'm inspired by this family and very impressed by their "home school". Then again, if this isn't unschooling, I don't know what is. Well, whatever you want to call it, it's homeschooling and it apparently is working for this family!

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