Saturday, January 28, 2012

Getting Photos to Grandparents

I am sure I'm not the only person whose parents are still not on the Internet or networked in any way (i.e. smartphone or email). Since we went digital with our photos nine years ago I have been getting flack from my parents and in-laws that they never see photos of their grandchildren anymore. They want print photos.

Now that we've moved long distance the guilt factor has hit and I've had to figure out what to do about this. Before I kept telling myself they got to see them in person and that would have to suffice (plus they took their own photos when they wanted to).

I hit upon an easy idea. I find a chain store near the grandparents (i.e. their favorite drugstore) that prints photos. I go on the Internet and upload the photos to the store, and place the order. I indicate the photos are for pick-up (not to be mailed out). The account name is in the picking-up-persons name with my email. I place the order and then tell them to go get them. At their convenience they fetch the photos (and pay for them at pick-up).


Everyone's happy.

(And it didn't cost me a penny either.)

Now why didn't I think of this when we lived closer to them?


Bevan said...

I finally got them to do digital. But I will try this.

April said...

That is a great idea! We do a photo calendar every year at Christmas. It's the grandparents' favorite gift each year, and they have pics of the kids to look at EVERY DAY.
But what you're suggesting would work so well THROUGH the year! I thank you for sharing it!

ChristineMM said...

Yes, because grandparents often like to keep the "old fashioned" photo albums so they can assemble their own photo albums as the year goes on and you send them print photos!