Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shutting Out the Noise: Going No Mail

The time has come. I just went to "no mail" on a bunch of internet discussion groups. I joined them over a year ago in order to learn more about homeschooling high school.

I have reached the brink and am trying to save myself from going insane. By listening to what is said I have now seen the crazy go round and round and I'm getting off the crazy train.

I have seen advice given that was portrayed as being the ultimate and final word then I see evidence that those who did the opposite achieved success not failure as predicted.

I am reading advice from parents about college admissions that directly conflicts with what I have just heard college admissions counselors say. Why should I listen to voices who are flat out wrong?

I have seen example after example of people worrying about fulfilling a college admissions requirement, then applying without that thing then their kid gets in anyway.

Then there is the other nonsense such as the bashing of other people and rude things being said that in my opinion break the rules of netiquette but no one does anything about it.

I've had enough.

I went "web only" on the groups and am just going to focus on living our lives and doing what I think sounds reasonable for homeschool high school. I'll use the college admissions own websites for advice.

I can't let myself be influenced by those who are scared and fretting. I shouldn't take advice from people whose other advice is just not accurate.

I need to save my sanity. So, I am shutting out the noise and going no mail.

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KC said...

Good for you! I went web only on some classical ed groups a couple years ago and it's been so nice! I now no longer need 'that perfect book' the people have discovered every other week! I'll check in every now and then, but don't miss it or the drama.