Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inspiration for Painting Watercolor

I have wanted to paint in watercolor for years but was afraid to try.

Here are examples of scenes I saw and photographed that made me yearn to paint.

This week while my kids are away at Boy Scout camp, I am teaching myself to paint in watercolor using books and YouTube videos. It's time to stop dreaming and give it a try once and for all. Over the years I have slowly purchased watercolor painting supplies and they sat untouched. Many of my art and craft supplies were given away before we moved but the watercolors came with me to the little rental house. I vowed to myself to do this thing before we moved again. It's one of the few hobby things I am committing to doing while in this transition year.

Photos taken by ChristineMM 8/30/09 in Cape Cod.

P.S. I miss Cape Cod. We weren't able to travel there in 2011 and now I'm 2000 miles away so it's no longer a quick trip to go...mabye in 2012?


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Good luck with the paints! I too have the supplies and the goal to learn to use watercolors, but I haven't done it yet. I love to draw, but making the switch to painting intimidates me. I hope you will post about your progress and offer some tips as you go. Have fun with it! (And I love the beach scenes.)

Cristina said...

Good luck! I've been wanting to pick up acrylic.

ChristineMM said...

Cristina, go for it! Acrylic is easier to get started with. You paint right on the paper or canvas without special preparations. It takes a longer time to dry so you can work it on the page for a bit. But then it dries completely so you can do an entire painting and be done in a short time. It covers thickly (the opaque colors) so if you make an error you can completely cover it up. And if you hate it you can use gesso and paint over the whole canvas and reuse that canvas like new again.

I am overwhelmed by the steps of watercolor for the prep and then how the paper sucks in the color and the parts that you can't control what happens with the pigment...

Go for that acrylic! You will love it!