Thursday, December 22, 2011

Atlantic Odyssey Luggage 21 Inch Spinner Product Review

In the last year, three of of our carry-on pieces bit the dust. One was ripped to shreds, another one's zipper broke and the third's handle broke off (plastic broke apart).

We purchased this piece of luggage and loved it so much we bought a second one (see note below on the model name).

This is 21 inches but oddly has more room inside than a different 22 inch piece we own. This expands with zippers.

The fabric is durable and thick which is important so it doesn't rip. Sometimes the airplane runs out of room and they made us gate check the carry on piece and it has been ripped by airline staff. Other times we choose to check the luggage and it has gotten ripped in processing by machinery. We did own a hard case piece once and decided it is too inflexible. You can really cram stuff into durable fabric luggage, press on it to compact it before zipping --- you can't do that with the hard case luggage that seems to be getting more popular now, so we really wanted fabric. We compared this fabric to other brand's offerings in a store and it was obvious that this one is thicker and more durable.

This has a suit rack inside should you wish to use it.

This easily fits in the overhead compartment which is important. Some other brands have wheels that stick out and they are too big for the overhead compartment by about an inch! Those bags have to be turned sideways instead of going in the long way.

The wheels turn 360 degrees for effortless wheeling in any direction.

We feel this is higher quality than some of the luggage we presently own.

We own the charcoal gray which is a nice color that will not show dirt as easily as some other colors. This line does not come in black.

Atlantic is a line owned by TravelPro, which is a maker of high quality luggage.

We are very happy with the two pieces of this luggage that we own. One that we own is Odyssey and the other is Odyssey 2. We can't tell the difference, they seem identical to us in side by side comparison, the only thing we can see that is different is the name on the label.

Disclosure: I bought these items for our personal use. For my blog's full disclosure statement see the link near the top of my blog's sidebar.

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ChristineMM said...

If you are reading this close to the publication date, want to buy it, and live near a Tuesday Morning store, go see if they have any in stock. That is where I bought mine, in late November 2011. Or try their website for internet buying. Since it is a close out and overstock store their inventory changes and sometimes what they had at one time is never seen again.