Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Our Family Is Watching (and Not Watching) On TV Lately

Top Gear BBC version

My fourteen year old is addicted to this and has watched every single episode and now is re-watching all of them. I find the show hilarious too but seldom watch it as I'm doing other things.

None of us can stomach the American version of this show.

Dr. Who

My fourteen year old recently discovered this and has been watching old episodes on Netflix Instant Streaming. I have tried watching some mid-story and it makes no sense to me. I have no time to go back to episode one and start watching it, nor do I have the desire!

Kitchen Nightmares

The entire family is watching the current season. We recently watched last season on our On Demand. We watched it a few years ago but missed seasons in between. We love Gordon Ramsay. The kids also like seeing real small businesses in action and the thought process behind their actions. It is interesting to see failing businesses' owners defend their poor decisions or bad actions. We like seeing ideas to turn the business around which Ramsay provides.

Hell's Kitchen

Again we saw one season once a few years ago and have not been watching until now. We watched the most recent season using On Demand. We like cooking and baking so this is a fun show. The clashes between personalities and watching other people's work style and poor interpersonal relations is eye-opening (especailly to my kids).

Work of Art

My kids and I watch this. My husband has no interest in the art making process. The question of what art is interests my sons, and they think some of the artists are real characters (entertaining to watch).

This is a reality show like Project Runway where artists are given an art challenge with a theme or material, to complete in a time limit. Then the art is hung in a gallery and the public and the judges view it. There is an art critique (crit) where they question the artist and praise or critize their work. Each week one contestant is booted off the show.

It is running season two right now. Repeats frequently air on its network: Bravo.


We watched every season until the last one which we skipped due to burn-out. Well, we're watching again. As a family we discuss how people treat each other, ethical issues, and the way people choose to play the game.

My fourteen year old wants to be on the show but he would die of starvation due to his picky eating and the odds are against him being cast (if the show is even still on the air in four years).

I say I'd never make it on the show due to being out of shape and due to my very poor eyesight (contact lenses don't work well for deep underwater diving challenges). My husband says I am am not a good enough actor to hide my true feelings and that I couldn't keep my strong opinions to myself. I tend to agree as I'd be under stress, physically and mentally and to constrain myself would require more energy than the game would leave me with.

My husband, we decided, would not be able to tolerate the nonsense and he'd tell people off and isolate himself for an early elimination.


We watch one show in the evening as a family. We don't watch much TV here. The TV is shut off during the daytime or else no one could get their homeschool lessons done.

I do not like our new cable company's servives. The inferior DVR feature that we pay for is not working out well to find and record documentaries that we could be watching for educational purposes. There is nothing out there to rival the TiVo with its artificial intelligence and ease of use. We were 95% happy with AT&T U-Verse in Connecticut. We are tortured by the poor cable service we have with Comcast. (Their new and improved Barraccuda system is not in our area yet.)

The library in this place is inferior compared to what I am used to in Connecticut. So, documentary watching is not happening much here this fall.

I quit the Netflix DVD by mail when they doubled the price.

We are busy hitting the paper books and doing other online learning and study work so we have not taken time to use the Internet for documentary watching.


Xa Lynn said...

We discovered last night that our streaming Netflix offers the How It's Made documentaries... all 140+ episodes. My kids adore that program but we have only been able to watch it when we visit my parents, until now... I'm hoping the girls will choose this as their one program per day, over yet another viewing of an episode from the Avatar series...which they've seen a dozen times a piece.

Xa Lynn

Karen said...

It sounds like your son is a delight to homeschool!
Thanks for the interesting blog post.