Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Kids Still Love Basher Nonfiction Children's Books

We own almost all the Basher nonfiction books.

I find them silly and funny.

My eleven year old finds them "cool not funny".

My fourteen year old (who started reading them about two years ago) loves them and thinks they are funny.

We use these as supplements to what we are learning in homeschooling. My kids also pick them up on their own and read through them for fun.

Some of the books have been read three or four times, so these are keepers for us, I'm glad to own them. (And I have never seen them in public libraries so buying is the only option I had open to our family.)

When at MIT last weekend we visited The Coop (their bookstore) and I saw a big display of all the Basher books. I am glad that others realize there is a market for nonfiction books for kids. If the book is engaging, kids will read it, and they will enjoy it.

Basher books cover: (mostly) science, English, math, and music. So far, I haven't seen any history!

Highly recommended.

I see their publisher is now making some sets of flashcards using the visuals from the book. I'll be buying the periodic table set for my kids.

From the archives: My Kids Love Basher Science Books, April 2010

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PmilesVT said...

Hi Christine - are you familiar with the nonfiction books from Nomad Press ( Your kids might like them.