Monday, October 31, 2011

The Nerve

I was surprised to get a call early this morning on my mobile phone. The caller ID said it was some area code that I had never seen before so I didn't know who was calling when I answered it.

The caller was rambling and I couldn't understand what she was saying. Finally I asked who she was trying to reach and she said some woman's name that is not me. She said we just spoke "at your work" and that "I gave her this number to call to talk about it with". I told her I had no clue what she was talking about and that woman is not me. She responded something like "Yeah right! We just spoke! You gave me the number!"

I asked who she was and she gave me her name and firm name. I told her that I have never heard of the firm before and have never spoken to her in my life. She kept repeating that we needed to discuss "the matter". I said, "I am trying to tell you that you are calling the wrong number!" She would not stop rambling and I asked her to never call this number again and she hung up on me.

My head was spinning becuase the coffee had not even kicked in yet, and because I'm foggy headed from a head cold at the moment.

Customer service people can be so rude!

I checked the number using Google and it is owned by a debt collection agency. I saw reports that they had been placing harrassing phone calls to people who claimed they didn't even owe money.

I am sick of customer service reps who do not follow basic etiquette rules and are so unprofessional. The bill collector should have realized she was being duped by the deadbeat but that said deadbeat was not me!

I know that some deadbeats are not only just behind on bills but can be liars and cheats, but that's no excuse for bill collectors to be unprofessional and downright nasty when they are calling the wrong person!

This reminded of the time a rude bill collector was calling my landline in Connecticut and I figured out she was calling the wrong area code, the deadbeat lived in the region with a different area code. That bill collector was so determined to believe that I was lying and that I really was not Linda S. that she didn't realize that the town that Linda S. lived in had a 860 area code not 203. I told her of her error (I was researching this on Google while she rambled) and she then turned nice and thanked me. She maybe should have used her time to double check the accuracy of the phone number before dialing? Google's search engine is a wonderful thing. People should use it more often.


mama26 said...

At the core of this is common sense. I have had so many customer service calls where the "big corporation" just didn't use common sense.

mama26 said...

Thanks so much for the great post.