Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Twist on Flashcards

People learn differently.

Thanks to technology we can easily create flashcards in different ways. I was thinking about the SAT vocabulary review flash cards I saw for sale at a big box bookstore that are all done up in the form of software ready to be installed on an iPhone or iTouch then viewed when a person has time to kill. It is neat and tidy and portable and accessible. However, one way I learn is by writing things out by hand. The act of the handwriting helps form it in my brain. If I don't take notes or write it out, I won't learn it as easily using just the read to review flashcard method of studying.

My son the older on who is a strong visual-spatial learner does not learn by writing things out. In fact the act of copying over is challenging and causes problems as sometimes mistakes are made when transposing. He has symptoms of dysgraphia but I have never had him tested.

Last week I had an idea and had him begin. He is using Microsoft Power Point to create visually colorful flash cards with biology terms I want him to memorize as part of his biology class and to help prepare for the SAT II test he'll take in the spring. He could jazz them up with images if that was necessary but so far these are terms that do not conjure up visual images.

I don't yet know if this is effective or not but we're giving it a try. I'd never heard of anyone doing that before, this just came to me out of the blue.

Sometimes in the course of working with information during a project, the way we have to manipulate the information around gels it in our mind. Maybe in the creation of the visually stimulating Power Point presentation the words will gel rather than sticking due to the review of it.

This is just one of the non old-fashioned study skills methods we are using.


dstb said...

We haven't really used flashcards, but this year we have a lot of vocabulary. I think flashcards would be a great idea.

Yesterday, I created some flashcards on the website Study Stack. You could have your son create the flashcards himself. Once he does that, there are all sorts of ways the data can be used. They have online flashcards or you can print the flashcards, it will generate crosswords, quizzes, tests, matching pairs and games.

While you can view and use the flashcards made by other people, I found that I could not find exactly what I wanted. It was very easy to make my own (just remember to save occasionally).

I really suggest checking it out. (I am not affiliated with the site, I just found it useful).

Good luck!

ChristineMM said...

dstb that website is great, I love how once you do the data entry you can click to do different things with it like make a quiz or crossword puzzle, thank you so much!

My son started trying it out yesterday. :)