Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Bit of Home

The day the movers were ready to move the rest of our stuff into the storage unit I entered the facility. It is an indoors place with climate control. When the door opened a smell hit me, like a wall. It was a horrid chemical stink that instantly gave me a headache.

I made my way to our new storage unit, a big, tall unit that was completely empty. Right there in front of my unit was a big dead cockroach, the bad kind that you don't want in your house or in your stuff. One of the mover guys, the funny one, confirmed for me that is really what it was. It was the first time I'd ever seen an American Cockroach. Ugh. I suddenly got the willies thinking they may run in my boxes and get into my stuff. What if they laid eggs on my things then when we moved them into our house someday we'd get roaches? I literally got chills running up and down my spine.

The mover guy was nice and he consoled me by saying the storage facilities spray for roaches all the time. Well, that's what that smell was. They must have sprayed recently since the smell was so wicked.

It's four weeks later now and I had gathered up boxes of stuff that really don't fit in this small house. The kids and I hauled it to the storage unit and moved it in. This time the smell of that chemical was much less and I barely smelled it.

When we pushed up the overhead door, I walked into our second, smaller, barely filled unit and a scent hit me. What I was smelling was a combination of my favorite vanilla scented candles and some blueberry Yankee candles. It smelled delicious and instantly I felt transported back home. I closed my eyes and took in the scent and savored the moment.

The use of the storage unit will continue until our Connecticut home sells at which point we will seriously begin the hunt to purchase a home here in Texas. The new home will be larger than this place and all our stuff will fit into it, hopefully! I can't wait to have all my stuff in one place where it is actually being used. Having my things packed up and sitting out of sight and out of mind feels just wrong.

Well, we have what we need for daily living right here, mostly. I'm busying myself just living day to day and making do with the situation. I know this is temporary but don't know how long temporary is, so it's not like I can tell myself "just seven months to go". The sale of the Connecticut home has been a bit delayed and complicated by Hurricane Irene. A lot of people's homes were damaged and they are now battling insurance claims. Luckily my home was not damaged. But when potential buyers have their hands full with problems with their existing home they are not rushing to buy a new one.

What is most important is that our family is all together. Adjusting to our new home and discovering what life is like in Texas has been a trial, but it has also been an adventure!

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Dueteronomy 6 Mom said...

I am a Yankee transplanted to the South as well. It's pretty funny, even after living in the DEEP South for almost 17 years I still see differences. The roaches are NASTY. My kids dispose of them for me, though my new puppy loves to eat them. I hope she will forever. As much as I miss Dunkin, we have Chick Fil A, and that's way better! I hope the transition smooths out and you and your family find your feet soon!! Y'all will love the south....I hope. And, y'all is such a great word, you should start using it right away. :-)