Friday, August 26, 2011

Connecticut House Update

This week we:

* finished construction work on our house to fix ice dam damage from a bad storm this winter

* finished dealing with the insurance company and the mortgage company about the ice dam claim

* finished redecorating work done in order to make the house prettier and ready to sell

* made finishing touches with the real estate agent to list the house for sale

* began doing showings to potential buyers

* planned a big broker's open house to happen right after this weekend

...and now...

...our house is in direct line to get whammed by Hurricane Irene. That house which was our home that I love so much is all alone up there in the woods and could sustain damage. I am consoled by the fact that we've taken care of our trees and woods and at present only have two dead trees on the whole property, none near the house.

With me in Texas and 1800 miles away I feel like I have abandoned a baby. I am going to be dying during the storm not knowing what is going on. My neighbors are keeping a watch on the house, but I can't pester them every hour (or more) to ask if any trees have fallen. Without power, they won't even be able to recharge their iphones and Blackberries in order to keep in touch with us anyway.

I guess this will be a good test for the brand new roof, which is under warrantee!

I'm praying that the storm changes its path and spares Fairfield County, Connecticut and everywhere else! Prep up and get ready everyone!

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luv2ski said...

Hi Christine,

If it helps at all, we'll be keeping your house(as it is an extension of you and your family) and all of coastal CT in our thoughts and prayers. We're cautiously optimistic up here in the Northwest corner, but recognize the potential of harm to our neighbors farther south and more central in the state. Rest easy there in TX. All will be well. <3