Friday, August 05, 2011

Can't Blog During the Move

Our move is at the half way point, almost. I can't blog during this time because:

1. I had the internet shut off in our house on August 1.

2. August 1 and 2 we had movers in the house helping us move out. One of those days was a nonstop 21+ hour hard working day! No time to even blog by email with my iPhone!

3. August 3 was spent clearing up loose ends at the house and prepping the yard for the house to be sold.

4. On August 4 my iPhone4 stopped delivering my emails so now I can't blog via the new mobile thing with Blogger.

5. I have had two major problems and multiple minor problems to contend with every day including a few things that are unresolved at this moment. Dealing with those is a higher priority than blogging.

6. I'm on the hotel internet now which is the slowest and worst Internet connection I have had in years. What's up with that, Marriott? Very disappointing.

I'll blog when it is technically and physically possible, sorry readers!

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Xa Lynn said...

We just last week accepted an offer on our house with a close date of Aug31 - We have no idea where we are moving to so I'm just throwing things in storage as fast as I can now. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but I've appreciated knowing I'm not the only one going through this - my blogging must go on hiatus, too - I'll be praying for a smooth move for you and yours - hope to read you again in the fall!