Monday, July 04, 2011

Not Following Directions and Freecycle

...leads to costing your money and time and energy.

Why don't people know this?

It's pretty simple: follow the directions.


I'm trying to give away a $600 fridge on Freecycle and so far only one person followed the directions to provide me with their phone number. As for the one who did this is what happened.

I called the woman, a man answered.

Me: Can I speak to --?

Man: Who is this?

Me: This is Christine from Freecycle.

Man: Who?

Me: Christine from Freecycle. She asked me to call her.

Man: What is Freecycle?

Me: She asked me to call her. I am returning her message. She sent me an email. Ask her to tell you what Freecycle is. (Sorry if that sounds rude but I have no patience for this and it's not my job to educate this man on what Freecycle is if his wife is a member of it maybe she should have explained it to him.)

Man: Hold on.

(Over a minute goes by.)

Woman: Hello?

Me: Hello this is Christine from Freecycle. You asked to have my refrigerator. Do you want it?

Woman: A refrigerator?

Me: Yes. You emailed me that you want my refrigerator. Do you still want it?

Woman: What is the cost?

Me: It is free.

Woman: Did you say it is free?

Me: Yes. With Freecycle everything is free.

Woman: What is Freecycle?

Me: It is the website you joined where people post things they give away for FREE. I posted that I had a refrigerator to give away and you said you wanted it.

Woman: I don't understand.

Man: (who apparently has been listening in the whole time) Did you say it is free?

Me: Yes, it is free, everything on Freecycle is supposed to be free!

Man: Oh, I see. We need to have a discussion about this. We have made a few calls to buy refrigerators so she is confused. We will call you back after we discuss it.

Me: Okay. (That happened so fast I didn't think to give him a deadline so now I'm sitting here waiting for his response rather than moving on to the next person in line.)


Due to recent problems getting in touch with Freecycle people by email I now ask for their phone number so we can discuss the matter. One guy wrote back with a 6 digit phone number. Fail. Three people asked for the fridge but did not give a phone number. One asks the color of it which I failed to supply but she did not provide her phone number so I could answer it and quickly settle up on whether she wanted it or not.


This was my second attempt in the last month to give stuff away on Freecycle and so far only one item has had success. People are not reading the posts, they are pulling no-shows and they are not responding to emails.

Update: Later that day:

Call #2, them calling me: I answer, they say nothing, hang up.

Call #3: Same as above.

Call #4: They call me, we arrange for a pick up tomorrow but they don't know the time, so they promise to call me in the morning with a time.

We'll see what happens.


sm said...

yup. same stuff happens here when i freecycle.
my worst experience was when i agreeded to hold something FOR person A while arranging to pick something up FROM person B. then person B asks for the thing i was freecycling (where i say: sorry - already promised) and they say if they don't get the item, i can no longer have the thing they promised me
???? what ????
it was very disappointing to say the least

Xa Lynn said...

I am so frustrated by this. We have gotten to the point that we just throw whatever it is we want to give away on the end of the driveway the day before trash pickup, with a big sign on it saying "free". So far it is always gone before the trash guys come by...

JC said...

I found that freecycle works about 50% of the time for me. I have had plenty of peole indicate that they want something and never show. I no longer offer things to those people. I just don't have time to wait around.

Sending hugs as you keep on organizing and packing.

Unknown said...

Hey there:) We've got freecycle here also, and use it quite often. I agree, those directions are pretty simple! Hope you don't give up yet though :) We've had a few strange ones, but have had great success geting rid of things so far.Hopefully your success rate goes up now!

Wendy Kelly said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog from "Top 10 Blogs" : ) Very funny/frustrating experience with Freecycle...I have to admit that our local Freecycle has been only a great experience for me, but I often marvel at that fact --- it's so simple & it **works** : )
Look forward to reading more!

By the way, I'm over at:

Hope it's okay to include that link...

Take Care!!