Monday, July 25, 2011

Head Out of the Clouds

As I've said multiple times before I don't want my kids to apply to college and find out they are not prepared as the college requires.

Here is an article by Jeanette Webb of Aiming Higher Consultants that speaks to the fact that it seems that some American teens are "living in Disneyland" thinking they deserve to reach for their dreams and they are thinking too much of their future potential as their ticket to college rather than having shown evidence that they have already achieved or shown that the work they are capable of doing.

I applaud her message as it seeks to help students realize what they must do years before the college application date in order to be able to go down the path they desire.

I started really thinking about how to homeschool high school at the start of eighth grade homeschool but now I wish I'd done the research when my son was starting grade seven. What courses are taken in the 8th grade year are vital.


Tammy said...

When I was homeschooling my autistic son, I didn't have to worry about that. My husband and I have talked about homeschooling our daughter when she gets older. She's in a good school right now, but I don't like the Middle and High Schools we have around here. I am worried about whether or not I can prepare her to get into a good college if I am homeschooling her.

ChristineMM said...

Hi Tammy, I think even an average student's life path is altered due to what happens after high school (college or not, and if college, what major). Thus, to seek the path a student requires often needs college and a certain path that begins in grade 8 or 7. Just finishing Algebra I in grade 8 takes certain math foundations to be DONE before grade 8.

Also even kids with sights set on the arts need to do certain things with their time starting in middle school (seriously pursue their field with not just school but extracurriculars too).

ChristineMM said...

...and Tammy I think a homeschooled student's prospects for success in high school homeschool depends on the parent knowing RIGHT INFORMATION so the research and planning has to start in grade 6 and 7.