Thursday, June 02, 2011

Plan A for Our Move

This is our plan of attack for the move which I am now calling Plan A.

My husband has already moved 1700 miles away into temporary housing and started work right after being offered the job. That leaved me and the kids back home with all our usual life plans happening (homeschooling, homeschool co-op, Boy Scouts, lacrosse).

I am to juggle homeschool lessons, extra-curriculars for the kids, my normal load of volunteer work and do all the move prep and sell the house. The project also includes some home repair work from water damage from ice dams that hit our area hard this last winter (the claim is still in process and we can't start the work yet). Then the kids and I will pack up everything and move. Buy a house which will be our new Texas home.

Detailed plans include:

I will work by myself to declutter the house. The goal is to lessen the items we own because we will have less storage in our new home due to the different housing situation in that state. We probably will own a smaller home so we won't need all this furniture either. I am to do this work in between all of our normal life stuff.

Working to finalize the insurance claim.

After the claim is finalized, I will hire workers to come in to paint, repair some sheet rock, replace some damaged carpeting and replace some wallpaper, while we are actively living in the house (with the cats too). We may do some extra redecorating to help the house look better for showing for sale.

We may also put a new roof on, that's undecided at this point.

After the roof, I will design and install new gardens for the foundation plantings to finish the landscaping project started last year.

I will work to get the house completely show-ready and cleaned to be spotless for the house to be photographed for the Internet real estate listing and ready for in person open houses and showings.

We will live in the house until it sells which will be a challenge to keep it spotless with sons who are aged 11-13 (who eat about six meals a day).

The plan is to live as normal juggling sleepovers and summer camps and visits with friends and gardening and  throwing birthday parties and everything else.


What's Already Done

At the time I'm writing this I have done major decluttering in the unfinished basement of stored items (but it's not finished yet) and a huge under-the-eaves closet space. I've decluttered my bedroom, the sitting room, the dining room, the kitchen, and all four bathrooms. Still to be done are the kid's bedrooms, the playroom/art studio and the family room. I've done that alone with minor help from my kids.

I have donated multiple truckloads of items to a charity thrift shop, books to a library book sale, and I have thrown away a lot of stuff.

A volunteer has stepped up to take over my Boy Scout Troop volunteer job. I have already begun training her.


The Autumn

Homeschooling will restart right after Labor Day. I don't know if the kids will be living in Connecticut or Texas so I am feeling totally confused about where to sign them up for activities.

In order to establish ourselves in the Texas homeschool community I need to know where we'll be living to see what types of activities are available. I need to have a real Texas address in order to join some homeschool groups and one group I looked into even requires a face to face interview before they'll decide if we can join the group (!). That's even more strict than the telephone interview I already had!


Today a real estate agent proposed a Plan B. I am thinking this over. My husband is flying home for a visit this weekend and we will both meet with her for her to pitch her tactic to him. If we abandon Plan A for Plan B I'll blog to tell you what Plan B is.


I am feeling completely overwhelmed and out of sorts.

Honestly I just want to be together as a family again. This odd living in limbo mode while trying to do major projects while also living our regular pace of life is just not working out.


Pamela Hunt Cloyd said...

Oh I can relate to every bit of this! My husband is in the Navy and we move every two years. For a few moves, he had to start his job early and we were apart for several weeks or months at a time.

Be very, very good to yourself. Living in limbo is not a job for punks. But you will learn so much about yourself. Stock up on books that provide comfort, have chocolate on hand at all times, keep your regular routine if you can, and give yourself lots of breaks. It will all get done. And the elation of all being together again will knock your socks off!

KC said...

Oh, Christine -- I'm feeling overwhelmed for you and I don't have to do all that! I don't have any advice, only sympathy. -- Krystal

At-Home Mama said...

Hey there! I've been reading your blog for a little while but am just now shouting out. I must say that you are very inspiring in your moving endeavor. I am in a very similar situation as my fiance is moving where he just accepted a job and I have to get everything together here before I can join him. Reading your story gives me some "umph" to face my move optimistically. Thanks!

luv2ski said...

HI Christine,

Hang in there. I know you to be an incredibly organized and motivated person, so I know that you will accomplish everything that you set out to do.

I agree that you should be very kind to yourself. Take breaks, and remember to have fun. (I really like the "keep chocolate on hand at all times" suggestion!)
And please remember to use the telephone as a support tool. Call anyone you know with a positive outlook and sympathetic ear when you need a kind word.

Your boys will learn so much from you and your husband during this transition time, about perseverance, goal setting, family values, and planning for future activities that, if it were me, I wouldn't even worry about setting up formal homeschooling until you've all reunited in TX. They won't be losing educational time, they'll be gaining wisdom beyond their years and will adjust to their studies more easily when life is more settled. As for interviews for home school groups,
I think that you can trust that everything will work out for the best in its perfect time. Breathe deep.

Our best to you, your hubby and the boys. Brenda